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Help me fulfill my promise to Keep Florida Free, put America First, and Make America Great Again!

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Meet Jesus Gabriel Navarro

Jesus Gabriel Navarro is a Candidate for Florida’s 24th Congressional District.

For those who don't know who I am, my name is Jesus Gabriel Navarro and I am a political candidate running for the United States Congress in Florida's 24th Congressional District. I was born and raised in District 24. I attended Nova Southern University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science. During my time there I also studied finance, economics, and international relations. And now, I want to convey to District 24 my project to improve the quality of life of the constituents living there and bring you a new face with innovative ideas and projects meant to combat the current political climate and failed policies our country has experienced over the last few years. I’m also a proud and unapologetic Floridian and American. And I believe District 24 deserves better. It deserves a strong conservative leader with principles. The type of leadership that puts constituents FIRST.

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Fight Government Corruption

Jesus G. Navarro believes America must end government corruption. Corruption has gone unchecked in America for far too long and has eroded trust, hampered economic development, exacerbated inequality, poverty, social divisions, environmental crisis, and because of it all weakened the republic. Jesus G. Navarro will fight to enact term limits for elected officials and supports a ban on Congress and its employees from becoming lobbyists after leaving office. Enough is enough!

Fight Inflation & Restore American Energy Independence

Jesus G. Navarro believes America must become energy independent. As a Congressman Jesus G. Navarro will fight for Americans right to use American oil by restoring oil and gas leases such as the Keystone XL Pipeline and the Alaskan Pipeline and prevent the radical left from turning the nation into a wasteland.

Fight to Stop Illegal Immigration

Jesus G. Navarro believes America must secure the U.S. – Mexico Border. Its management is essential for the country’s economic prosperity, and national sovereignty. By securing the border it also reduces the illegal movement of contraband, drugs, weapons, and people such as human traffickers and child kidnapers. To accomplish these objectives Jesus G. Navarro will fight to complete the border wall, end DACA, and restore President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy.

Fight for Fair Trade Deals

Jesus G. Navarro believes America must reimpose “Trump tariffs” internationally to accomplish fairer trade deals that put the American worker, and economy first.

Fight to Lower Taxes & Cut Unnecessary Regulations

Jesus G. Navarro will fight to lower taxes and cut regulations to create more jobs that increase economic opportunities for all Americans.

Fight to Invest in Infrastructure & Technology

Jesus G. Navarro will advocate for continuous improvements to be made to American infrastructure and technology that reduces maintenance, operating costs, improves reliability, and safety.

Fight to Support Veterans, Law-Enforcement, and First Responders

Fight to Improve Our Schools

Fight to Strengthen Social Security & Medicare for Seniors

Jesus G. Navarro is committed to ensuring that veterans get the respect and appreciation they deserve. And that law enforcement and first responders have the resources they need to aid, protect communities, hold individuals accountable, and ensure justice.

Jesus G. Navarro stands with Governor Ron DeSantis and his efforts to stop the radical lefts culture war on how race and gender are being taught in schools today and supports stopping W.O.K.E activism, and Critical Race Theory indoctrination.

Jesus G. Navarro is determined in driving down healthcare costs, including prescription drugs to ensure the overall health and longevity of senior citizens.

Fight to Protect Our Beaches and Keep Coastal Wildlife Healthy

Fight to Enact Term Limits

Jesus G. Navarro will fight to preserve local beaches, protect coastal wildlife, and guard Florida’s tourism economy.

Jesus G. Navarro will fight to enact term limits on all elected officials including the U.S. Congress.




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